Finish#40 – Black


There’s been a bit of excitement around the house this past week. Eldest daughter took the ACT a few weeks ago and the results are in! She received a 33 overall, but most impressive was the perfect 36 that she earned on the reading portion. I’m nearly dislocating my shoulder  patting myself on the back as I was the one who spent hours teaching her how to read when she was about 4 years old and even more hours homeschooling her (and a bunch of hours nagging her to crack open the ACT prep book). We are quite proud. Her sister immediately stated that she would get a 34 or better and took off with the study book!

In the midst of all of our celebrating (which involved ice cream at Dairy Queen and a trip to the theater to see Central Intelligence), I finished Black by Ted Dekker. (This is the first book by Ted Dekker that I’ve read.) This is finish #40. I’m ten books behind where I’d like to be right now if I want to stay on some sort of schedule and not have to cram a boatload of books into December. It’s all the fault of that darn Charles Dickens and David Copperfield that I’m behind schedule! (I’m still plugging away at it.) I had to put Dickens aside, though, as Black was reserved by someone else at the library and I wasn’t allowed to renew it. (I’m pretty sure it’s overdue now…GASP!)

I’ll need to read the other two books in the trilogy to see how the two storylines involving the main character are related before I can fully form an opinion about this book. I hate to say less than positive things about books, but this one won’t rank up there with my favorites for the year. While the plot is interesting, there is the occasional time when it drags just a bit, and you wonder if what is occurring in the story is actually something that is furthering the plot or if it is just a bit of filler thrown in to make the story take up three books. I can’t say when I will get to Red and White, the other two books in the trilogy, as I’ve got a basket full of other books (and David Copperfield) that seem a bit more interesting at this time, but I will read the rest of the trilogy as I can’t stand to get involved with characters and not find out what happens to them.

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