Finish #38 – Call Me Irresitible

P5301768.JPGThere’s something that disturbs me about the cover of finish #38, Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I think it’s the fact that it looks like the young gal’s head has been cut off by an awful photographer. That being said, this book was an enjoyable read…and enjoy it I did for many minutes as I sat on the porch swing on our newly pressure washed deck.

My project last week, after we finally broke down and bought a pressure washer (because scrub brushes and buckets of bleach water would take FOREVER for this job), was to clean years and years worth of gunk off the deck. And when it was all finished and the thing looked like new, the kids had the nerve to say that they preferred it the way it had been. Apparently they are fans of the weathered and moldy look. Hmm. I was fine with weathered. Moldy, not so much. I’d estimate that I spent nearly five hours battling gunk. When you can draw smiley faces with a pressure washer in the gunk on your deck…that’s a lot of gunk! This weekend I started tackling the siding on the house. So you can guess what I’ll be up to for several weekends.

But back to the book…

This was the first book I’ve ever read by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I just grabbed it off the shelf at the library, read the inside flap, thought it sounded interesting, and shoved it into my library bag. I actually didn’t even know what the title was until I was about halfway through the book. I can’t recall that ever happening before. The book moved right along. The characters were, well, characters…as in they had a lot of personality. Small town “charm” flooded the story. You’ll have to read it to understand why I put the word “charm” inside quote marks. I’ll definitely be looking for more books by this author in the future.

And by the way…I’m still making my way through David Copperfield. I just took a break with this book. I swear I’m going to finish it. Perhaps not before I use up all the renewals available at the library. If that happens, I’ll return it, check it out again, and get right back to it. It’s a good book, I swear. I just need a break now and then for something a little lighter.

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