Finish #37 – Anyone but You


Three times. THREE TIMES! That’s how many times I’ve read this book, Finish #37, Anyone But You. I’m a big Jennifer Crusie fan. I only wish that she would write more books. Anges and the Hitman was the first book I read by her (co-written with Bob Mayer). Loved it! This book, Anyone But You, is such a fun book to read. Yes, it’s a sloppy romance novel. Sometimes you just need a sloppy romance novel…especially when you’ve just ploughed your way through a history book for six months with your kids and you’ve just begun reading David Copperfield. (Which is, surprisingly, quite good.)

If you are looking for something quick to read, something that will make you laugh, something with an adorable dog named Fred in it, then Anyone But You is a great choice.

Now on to a more weighty matter. I believe I mentioned several posts ago that I was looking forward to watching Into the Wild (the movie) after reading the book by the same name. We finally got around to watching it (before it became overdue). The book and the movie follow Christopher McCandless as he leaves behind real life and society’s expectations and makes his way to Alaska. He eventually dies in Alaska when he is unable to make it out of the wilderness first due to a swollen river and then due to the effects of a plant he had eaten. One thing that struck me while both reading the book and watching the movie was the impact he had on those he encountered. Perhaps he was never destined to do anything that “society” would consider great. Perhaps his destiny was to change the lives of just a handful of people.

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