Finish #36 – The Modern Age

P5191765.JPGWe have a term in our family that means “a lot.” I don’t know if the kids made it up or if they heard it somewhere. I’m guessing they made it up. They do, after all, have a reputation for making up new words. When they were little they liked to use the word “teent,” as in, “I’ll have a teent of broccoli.” Or, “I’ll have a teent of Brussels Sprouts.” You can probably figure out that “teent” meant “a very small portion.” Let me be the first to introduce you to their new term: Crap ton. As in, “There’s a crap ton of mosquitos outside.” Or, “That’s a crap ton of flannel squares.” When I ask them how many things are in a crap ton I get vague answers, but I’m starting to figure, out based on their usage of the term, exactly what a crap ton is. See that photo of flannel squares? That’s not exactly a crap ton. That’s more like an eighth of a crap ton. If you wanted to see the whole crap ton of flannel squares that I’ve been sewing together, you’d need to see a picture of the whole sewing room…which you won’t. It’s super messy. It’s also my husband’s home office where he spends large portions of every workday. There are house plans taped to the windows. There are piles of papers. Nope, you’ll never see a picture of the one room (other than the garage) that is never orderly and tidy.

As you can see, I’m still working my way through the whole crap ton of flannel squares. It might take awhile…just like Finish #36. (See how I segued so neatly this time?!) The Story of the World Volume 4: The Modern Age by Susan Wise Bauer is finish #36. This book had a crap ton of chapters. I spent about half a school year reading through these chapters with middle kid and the youngest. We read about all sorts of invasions, many wars, lots of kings and rulers…the list goes on and on. P5191763.JPG

Despite the great relief felt by all involved in the reading when we were finally finished with the book, I think we are all a little more knowledgeable of history from having read this book.


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