Finish #35 – One Sunday Morning

P5191760.JPGI’ve had two glorious days where I haven’t had to leave the house! TWO whole days! It’s such a rarity to have even one day go by where I don’t have to take someone somewhere or run some errand. Silly me, I thought we were busy when the kids were little. That was nothing compared to how busy we are now that they are older. I spent yesterday morning burning butter and making vitamin D with the middle kid (aka going for a run in the sun), mowing the lawn (not my favorite chore), trimming shrubs (slightly less horrible), and weeding the flowerbeds out front (mind numbingly boring). It was wonderful. WONDERFUL. I got dirty and sweaty and a little bit sunburnt, and I didn’t come in until middle kid wanted to know when we would be eating lunch. (It was after 1:30. She was, understandably, hungry.) The afternoon was spent helping with remaining schoolwork and sewing boatloads of flannel squares together for some baby blankets we’re working on to donate to a baby pantry.

This morning I “enjoyed” a five-mile run on the treadmill and a bit of weightlifting. This afternoon I’ll be returning to the sewing room to work some more on those flannel squares. I’m hoping to get at least three blankets out of the squares I’ve cut. The kids will do the tying so the front and back of the blankets will stay together. They needed some community service hours and I needed to get rid of all the flannel squares. The blankets seemed like a good idea.

Tomorrow is a big day for the eldest. She’ll be taking a standardized test for the first time in her life. Yes, IN HER LIFE. I am not a fan of standardized testing. I consider it a big waste of time. But no one asked my opinion. So tomorrow is SAT day. Poor kid will have to drag herself out of bed at some hour that is more like the middle of the night for her and hop in the car for the hour plus trip to the testing facility. Why they couldn’t do the testing somewhere closer is a mystery to me. Next weekend is the ACT. Thankfully that one is offered closer to home.

There is no easy way to segue from what we’ve been doing to Finish #35, One Sunday Morning by Amy Ephron, so I won’t even attempt to do so. After reading A Cup of Tea by the same author, I was excited to read another by her. Set in the 1920s, the book begins with a group of ladies witnessing something that they assume might be scandalous. (I won’t tell whether it was or was not scandalous, as that would be a spoiler.)

I will say that as I came to the conclusion of the story I was a bit disappointed and somewhat confused. There were a few characters who didn’t seem to add to the plot, and  despite the blurb in the front cover alluding to the book having a surprising and satisfying ending, I put the book down feeling not all that satisfied or surprised. While interesting, One Sunday Morning will not make it on my list of favorites for the year.


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