Finish #34 – A Cup of Tea

P5121745.JPGI have read so many books over the past year and a half that I never would have ordinarily read. Finish #34, A Cup of Tea by Amy Ephron, happens to be one of those books. I used to be mostly a romance/romantic suspense kind of gal, with an occasional non-fiction book that piqued my interest thrown into the mix. Now, though, I give just about anything a try. I’ve tried new authors, new genres…I’ve even grabbed a classic now and then. (And actually enjoyed them since I no longer have English teachers forcing me to care about themes, symbolism, and whatnot. On the subject of classics, I was most appalled to discover recently that the Jane Austen section of our library is surprisingly lacking!)

So, here’s the WHY for why I picked out this book…get ready…I’ve got a deep reason…

It was short!

I’ll admit it, I was looking for short books when I went to the library. It seems shallow…maybe. But, when attempting to get through 100 books in a year, sometimes you’ve got to pick out a few shorter ones to balance out the longer ones. (I picked out David Copperfield too, so don’t judge me for getting a few short ones! I should probably actually read David Copperfield since I got it, though, shouldn’t I?)

I’ve discovered that just because a book is short, doesn’t mean that it isn’t packed with meaning. Last year I got hooked on Mitch Albom’s books, many of them shorter than I’d usually pick out, and they were loaded with lessons and meaning.

A Cup of Tea contained a lesson, or food for thought (or drink for thought, as the case may be if you take into consideration the title of the novel). A cup of tea was all it took to change a course of events. That’s pretty deep.

I’ve already started another Amy Ephron novel…David Copperfield will just have to wait a little longer.

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