Finish #28 – The Endless Steppe

IMAG0438.jpgThere’s a photo that sums up the last month! That’s our girl Luna, stoned on tranquilizer and morphine following her emergency visit with the vet at 10 pm to have porcupine quills removed from her face. You see, following a walk on Friday night, she decided to run into the woods and confront a spiny-bodied intruder. Not her brightest moment. Thankfully, she only ended up with about 12 quills in her face and just one in her gums and did not require anesthesia. (Thus saving us from an even bigger bill.)

Well, that event was just the rotten cherry on the moldy cupcake that was the past month around here. I began to think that our theme songs should be “All My Trials” and “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.” But, looking at everything from a more positive viewpoint…thanks, Mom and that nursing magazine with the article with which I wholeheartedly disagreed…I realized that everything that has happened could have been a lot worse or a lot more expensive. Here’s the rundown:

It all started, I think, with that car issue I mentioned previously. We thought it was the transmission…it was only spark plugs. Still cost us money, but it could have been worse. Then one of the geriatric cats (that really narrows it down, as they are all old) fell off a bed and got his leg caught in the footboard. After limping for a bit and causing a lot of worry, he seemed to shake it off and no vet visit was needed. Savings, YEAH! However, he then started peeing outside the litter box. This is always cause for concern. Not only do we not want our house to stink, but his brother had a health issue years ago that involved his bladder which was almost the end of him. So, off to the vet we went, knowing that any days we have left with this 15 year old fellow are a gift. Good news, though. After leaving him at the office to be hydrated, a bladder infection was found. An injection of antibiotics was given, and he’s now as good as new…mostly. He’s still old, and he’s bony and quite decrepit, but he’s still with us. Then the vacuum quit working. I called for a new part, waited a week. (Use your imagination to  visualize what a house with five people and five shedding pets looks like after a week without a vacuum. Horrors!) With great excitement (Yes, excitement), I hooked on the new part…AND NOTHING HAPPENED! I lamented the fact that we would now have to purchase a new vacuum, but hubby took it all apart, did some mysterious things that looked a whole lot like just jostling the bits around, and it works great now. Amidst all of this, I tipped a chair into my face at church while removing it from a pile and ended up with a lump on my lip and a purple bruise that lipstick wouldn’t cover up (but no teeth were knocked out); I mistakenly told someone the wrong date for something and it caused a bit of distress for a time, but my daughter was able to help out with that; all three kids got sick; and one of the tires on the car sprang a leak and had to be repaired. To top it all off, the garage door has been giving us fits for quite some time. (Now that I think about it, maybe it was the garage door that started it all.) We finally got that fixed today…thankfully (have you seen the price of new garage doors?) no new door was needed (at least for now).

I think, after all these petty annoyances and minor trials that we are due for a win! Hubby thought so too and decided to buy a lottery ticket (something we hardly ever do) in the hopes that our luck would turn around.

We didn’t win.

P4151733.JPGFinish #28 for this year is The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig. This is another one of the books that I read to the kids. I really enjoyed it. The review on the front cover stated that this book will “…take its place with Anne Frank’s [Diary of a Young Girl].” Having read both, I agree. This is an excellent autobiographical book about a family from Poland, arrested by the Russians because they are capitalists, who are sent to Siberia in 1941.

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