Finish #26 – When the Emperor Was Divine

IMAG0412.jpgHere’s a great photo from this week! The sun was shining, the windows had just been washed (Oh, joy! To finally be able to look through clean glass not covered with the grime of winter!), a nice breeze was flowing into the house, and two kitties were enjoying the view. Well…mostly enjoying the view. Allow me to explain. You see, Buster (he’s the one standing up in the photo) had been up in the windows, moving back and forth between the three that face the back “yard.” (The term “yard” is used quite loosely around here.) Then Belle came along and plopped herself right down in the middle window. She was enjoying a nice snooze. Then Buster discovered she was happy and content and maybe, just maybe, he could be that happy and content, too…but happiness and contentedness could only be achieved if he was in her spot. So he proceeded to walk along behind her. Then he licked her. Then he stood over her and stared at her, hoping and hoping to make her so uncomfortable that she would move. Unfortunately for him, his tactics didn’t work. IMAG0413.jpgLook at her there, little lazy snoozer.


This has been a busy week of getting things done. Can we say “spring cleaning?” Can we say it in a cheerful voice? I actually don’t mind it…in small doses. No more do I attempt to tackle all of the windows in one day. Who’s keeping track anyway if I finish them all today or if it takes me three days?

I did manage to finish a short little book this week. Finish #26 is When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka. I’ve read numerous books, both fiction and non-fiction, set during World War II. This is the first I’ve read told from the viewpoint of a Japanese family (living in America) during the war. In this book we follow the mother, father, brother, and sister as they are removed from their home. We see what life was like for the mother, brother, and sister in an internment camp (The father was taken elsewhere.) and we witness their return home. There was a lot of feeling contained in such a small book. It is impossible to say, “I enjoyed this book.” Those simply aren’t the appropriate words. I learned from this book, and the lessons were good.



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