Finish #24 – Reluctantly Charmed

P3261728.JPGDare I suggest that spring might actually be on its way up here in our little corner of northern Michigan? I’ve heard rumors that we might even reach 60 degrees by this weekend. I, for one, can’t wait. It’s not that winter has been all that bad this year. (Judging by the huge amount of wood remaining in our woodpile we’ve had an easy time of it this year.) It’s just that I’m ready for spring when the calendar flips to April. Actually, I’m ready for summer when the calendar flips to April, as spring ranks as my least favorite season. When you live on a dirt road, spring brings nothing good…serious mud up the back of your car, piles of mud in the garage, dirty shoes, dirty paws (for the dog). Nothing but dirt, dirt, more dirt, and mud everywhere you look, drive, and step.

April, I fear, is going to be a month where I finish very few books. May looks a little iffy, too. Judging by the family calendar, that one teen decided needed to be color-coded, I’m going to be on the go for the next two months. There’s nothing too horribly exciting planned…just your ordinary, everyday busyness that seems to grow exponentially this time of year. Both teens are working, and as one of them isn’t yet 16, that means I’m the taxi service that gets her to her job. That same teen starts Driver’s Education this month…which means more taxi service to get her to her classes. And, if that’s not enough, we’ve started visiting colleges with elder teen. We hit one last Friday (which did a fine job of ruling out “nursing” as a career option) and there’s another visit planned at the end of the month. Then when you add in dental appointments, elder teen’s dual-enrollment college schedule, the couple of activities that pre-teen has going on, and all the normal stuff that goes on in a month, like WORK, for the grown-ups…yikes!

Finish #24 is Reluctantly Charmed by Ellie O’Neill. It’s set in Ireland. That’s all I needed to know to get me to pick it up off the shelf at the library. I am fascinated with Ireland. I hope to get there someday. It’s on the bucket list. Besides Ireland, the book has fairies. I won’t spoil the plot by saying anything more. It was an enjoyable read.

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