Finish #22 – Homeless Bird

P6180642.JPGHere’s an oldie but goodie that one of the kids found the other day. Look at that little girl. Can you see the “I’m going to pounce on you and rip your face off” look in her eyes? Can you imagine how thankful we are that she grew out of that attitude as she grew up? See that little stuffed caterpillar at her side. She loved that thing to pieces. Literally. To. Pieces. Then again, perhaps she hated it. I’m not certain you’d take something you love, swing it violently back and forth as viciously as you can until the legs fall off, the stuffing comes out, and all that remains is one tiny chunk of unidentifiable caterpillar flesh.



Here she is now. Look at her. She knows she’s supposed to be on her blanket. She’s avoiding it as much as possible.



Enough about the dog…Time for books. Finish #22 is Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan.

P3091705.JPGThis one was a National Book Award winner. I read it to my kids. It’s sad to think that there aren’t many years left for us to read together. It’s always been one of the favorite parts of my day. My son actually said this book wasn’t “too bad.” High praise coming from him. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Set in India, it tells the story of Koly, a young girl thrust into an arranged marriage at a young age. After her husband’s death she must navigate and overcome the traditions of India at that time. While intended for kids, I can assure you that adults will enjoy reading it and will find themselves rooting for Koly to prevail.

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