Finish #21 – The Art of Crash Landing

Unacceptable! Simply unacceptable! The pond which was nearly thawed is frozen again. The ground which was that ugly shade of “spring” brown yet was beginning to show the tiniest signs of life is now coated with a heavy layer of white stuff. I cannot say the name that white stuff. It is a dirty, dirty four-letter word now that we are just a few days shy of flipping the calendar page over to April. I realize that I live in northern Michigan and it’s, while not normal, entirely possibly to have snow on Mother’s Day. While possible, I don’t have to be pleased about it.

Silver lining of all that white stuff though…the skis came back out tonight. I’d like to say that we had a wonderful time skiing under a bright moon with the snow gently falling around us like cotton balls thrown from Heaven. The reality was more along the lines of total darkness pierced only by the glow of our headlamps with shrapnel shooting into the few bits of skin and eyes that weren’t covered by our face masks while arduously breaking a path through the snow on the road.  (Just for the record, when you wear a headlamp and snow is falling down at a steady clip, it looks like that warp speed thing that happens in Star Trek. Or was it Star Wars? It was definitely one or the other. It’s also quite disorienting.)

P3071704.JPGThis week I finished a wonderful book. Finish #21 is The Art of Crash Landing by Melissa DeCarlo. It is her first novel, and I believe she knocked it out of the park on this one. While the story wasn’t all that upbeat (even downright depressing at times), the weaving together of the past and the present was flawless, the main character was wonderfully flawed, the supporting characters were stellar, the plot was original…I could go on. I think this one might just earn a spot on my top ten for the year.


2 thoughts on “Finish #21 – The Art of Crash Landing

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words! (And good luck with that snow! Here in Texas we just got a brisk spring day–but check back with me in August and we’ll see who gets to brag on their weather. Ha!)


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