Finish #20 – The Job

P3061701.JPGWhat a beautiful view…especially if you ignore the dead brown stuff and focus only on the signs of spring. Except for a sliver of ice on the southern side, the pond is thawed. It gets a new thin coating of ice every night, but by afternoon we are back to open water. The remaining snow is melting away. (We did have a fresh dusting of snow on the ground this morning, but nothing that stayed.) We should be hearing peep frogs before too long, and all that nasty looking brown stuff should start to either green up or be covered up by all sorts of new growth.

I finished book #20 last week and am just now getting around to writing about it. We’ll blame my tardiness on a busy weekend that involved lots of cooking and lots of raking…though not as much raking as I’ll be doing in the fall, so for that I can be thankful!

Finish #20 is The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. The story was entertaining, but something just seems to be missing from Janet Evanovich’s books whenever she has a writing partner. The humor just doesn’t seem to be quite there. The banter between characters just isn’t the same. This is the second Evanovich book that I’ve read this year with a co-author, and I recall feeling the same about the first one. Dare I suggest that she does very little (even perhaps none) of the writing when a co-author is listed? I could be totally wrong, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same flavor as her popular Stephanie Plum books. If she wants me to keep reading, she’ll need to get that flavor back, because I am not a fan of bland stuff.



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