Finish #19 – Mad Dash

Mad Dash: that sounds like every Monday around here. Cleaning, exercising, feeding P2281697.JPGkids, helping with schoolwork, cleaning some more, feeding people again, sometimes off to a meeting (I hate committee meetings more than getting my teeth cleaned, which means I hate them A LOT. I’d rather do just about anything than sit in a dentist’s chair while a hygienist picks at my teeth and gums with sharp little tools, so just use that as a measure as to how much I despise committee meetings), then off to work.

Mad Dash, by Patricia Gaffney, is finish #19 for the year. I always feel a little guilty saying that I “read” an audiobook…especially since I like to read them and sew at the same time. This means that I sometimes miss a word or two as the sewing machine drowns out the audio. But, I will push the guilt aside and count it anyways…because I can…and I’m making up the rules about what counts and what doesn’t. So there!

I checked this one out from the library weeks and weeks ago. It is now overdue (even after renewing it 3 times). Oops. Knowing that I was soon going to be getting a call from the library about my crime (I did this morning), I figured I better get it finished over the weekend. So I did. And while I was listening to the final disk, I finished this cute little pillow from the scraps of my most recent quilt:

P2281698.JPGLove, love, love it. (Did I love the book? I wouldn’t use the word “love.” I sort of liked it. I found a few parts depressing. Dash, the main character, decides to take a break from her marriage for a time, and we are left wondering throughout most of the story if she and her husband will reconcile or go their separate ways.)

And here’s something else I love:

Watch and enjoy a laugh.

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