Finish #17 – The Liar

P2251691.JPGHow is it possible that a new Nora Roberts’ book was published in 2015 (and it looks like the library received a copy of this book in APRIL) and I just found out about it last week? My gosh! It’s been out almost a year! I’m feeling so out of the loop. I guess that’s what happens when you pretty much rely on the library for your reading material and you have to share that one copy with all of the cheapskate Nora Roberts fans in town who also won’t pay to purchase a copy of their very own.

I really enjoyed this story. I was pulled in from the beginning and could hardly put it down. I, in fact, spent more evenings this past week reading this book while cozied up in the “couch wedge” than I did watching season 4 of Fringe, our latest guilty pleasure. There’s Peter Bishop missing and forgotten as of the end of season 3, and I should be glued to the screen to find out what’s going to happen to him. Instead I’m reading The Liar and Peter’s left in limbo. Just for that, Nora Roberts gets two thumbs up for this book.

Back to the “couch wedge.” Who is the genius that invented this heavenly corner of couch that connects two other couches? They should receive some sort of award. Perhaps we’ll call it the “Couch Potato Award,” as that is what I become once I succumb to wedge’s siren call. Tuck a pillow behind your back, toss a hand-knitted throw blanket over your knees…AMAZING. And if you add a fire in the fireplace, it doesn’t get much better than that!IMAG0356.jpg

Even Belle loves the couch wedge. Look at her there, sleeping away. Of course, Belle will sleep just about anywhere.  She doesn’t care if she’s in a bowl of oranges or if she’s using a calculator as a pillow and a piece of paper as a blanket. (And yes, Belle is a counter-cruising cat. Don’t judge. They make Lysol for a reason. She is also well-trained and knows to vacate the counter when human daddy opens his office door and heads toward the kitchen.)



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