Finish #16 – Friction


This past weekend was quite a weekend…plenty of time for relaxing, quilting, not relaxing (i.e. hiking through the snowy woods), and, of course, reading.

I finished my second quilt for 2016 a couple of days ago. I had hoped to have it completed by Valentine’s Day. The colors don’t feel Valentines-ish, but the “love” vibe is definitely felt through all of the hearts on the fabrics.

We enjoyed a long walk through the woods on Sunday. The ice and snow were melting, making many of our steps uncertain. At times we’d only sink into the snow a little bit; at others we might sink in to our knees. (And sometimes we’d see bare ground.)IMAG0326.jpg

IMAG0318.jpgSee that photo to the right? That’s when things got a bit dicey. This is our “land bridge” between two bodies of water…usually this spot has a few logs and a bunch of mud. When we arrived there this past weekend, there was only one log and quite a bit of water. We had a decision to make– figure out how to safely cross with the dog or go all the way around the second pond. (At this point it was approaching dusk and a very light sprinkling of water was falling from the sky, making the idea of walking around the second pond not all that appealing.) Daring son made the decision for us by leaping across before we’d fully discussed the situation. He ended up ankle deep in frigid water and had to walk home in wet socks. The rest of us found a couple logs to complete the “bridge” and another log to use as a “cane” to help us make it across the slippery wood. Luna, the dog did not handle the bridge well and chose to bumble her way across with at least one foot in the water at all times. (All in all, it was a great day for her. She had a long walk, got to rub her head all over some suspicious looking snow, AND got to get super muddy once we reached the road to home. Then again, she had to get in the bathtub when we got home…so maybe not such a fabulous end to her day.)

When I wasn’t quilting or adventuring, I did get a bit of reading in, which brings me to my latest finish: Friction by Sandra Brown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI happen to be a huge fan of Sandra Brown, so I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this book. It kept me hooked. I wanted to stay up late and read all night…but I’m too responsible to do that. (Translation: I’m a horrible crank if I don’t get enough sleep.) Definitely two thumbs up from me for this one.



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