Finish #15 – Live Like a Jesus Freak

P2101677.JPGThere’s my girl, Luna, hanging out with finish #15, Live Like a Jesus Freak by dc Talk. This was another book that I read with my kids. (Not Luna’s best photo, by the way. She’s quite spazzy sometimes, and this was the only photo where her head wasn’t all blurry. She was licking the book, licking herself, looking up, looking down…basically, she was as uncooperative as possible! I’m amazed that I got her with the book at all. She found it quite suspicious when I set it next to her on the carpet…so suspicious, in fact, that she retreated to the safety of her bed.)

I must first start by saying that the four of us did not like the term “Jesus Freak.” Sorry, dc Talk fellas, but we subbed in “believer” whenever “Jesus Freak” appeared.

That being said, there were lots of great things about this book. For myself, I really enjoyed the “Jesus Freaks (aka believers) Around You Now” sections in each chapter. I happen to find stories about missionaries and heroes of the faith inspiring. None of the short stories in this book made me cry, though. When the kids were younger and we read books from the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series, I always shed a tear or two at the end, much to the amusement of my children. I couldn’t help it. As those stories were biographies and most of the people were from the past, the books always contained the end of their lives. In other words…their deaths.

There was one exception to the waterworks, though. I don’t think that I shed a tear while reading the story of David Livingstone’s life. As a woman, I was not impressed at how he left his wife behind and went on to spend a bunch of time exploring. Perhaps he shouldn’t have acquired the wife to begin with…Just saying. I thought I remembered reading that she went crazy. But then again, that may have been him. Googling “Was David Livingstone’s wife crazy” so I could refresh my memory of his life netted me this little nugget: He was apparently obsessed with his bowel movements and allowed them to dic­tate his moods. (Read more:

But I digress. Live Like a Jesus Freak gets almost two thumbs up from me. That second thumb doesn’t go all the way up because I had to keep replacing “Jesus Freak” to appease the offspring and answer the question “Did it say believer there or did it say “Jesus Freak” there?” nearly every single time.




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