Finish #11 – The Paris Key

The Super Bowl came and went, and I can say that the grand total of my minutes spent watching equaled approximately two…give or take a couple seconds. I caught a glimpse before dinner. I saw a small portion of the half-time show, then I saw the inside of my eyelids for the remainder. I woke up just in time to catch Peyton Manning speaking when it was all said and done. P1241666.JPGThis weekend I finished reading The Paris Key by Juliet Blackwell. I started it a couple of weeks ago but got sidetracked by the Susan Mallery book that I recently completed. Sometimes that happens. There wasn’t anything wrong with The Paris Key, I just got distracted!

Set in Paris, The Paris Key bounces between the story of Genevieve Martin (who sets off to Paris to find herself) and the story of her mother (who also came to Paris, years earlier, to find herself). Throughout the novel, we are enticed to keep reading by the little snippets of information that the author divulges about Genevieve’s mother’s time in Paris.

Overall, I’d give this one a thumb up and, as the kids would say, “a sideways thumb.” In other words, it was good but not good enough to keep me from getting distracted.

***I almost forgot…well, actually I did forget, so I’m adding this in…this book taught me a new word. (Then I forgot what the word was, and someone threw away the paper I had written it on, so I had to peruse the “q” words in the dictionary to find it again.) Here it is : QUOTIDIAN. It means “occurring every day.” She actually used this word twice. I love it…if I could only remember it, it would be a great word to use whilst playing Scrabble. Or not, it’s a little long!

What are you reading?


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