Finish #10 – Marry Me at Christmas

P1191664.JPGFor so long it felt like just about the only thing I had time to read was music notes…arranged into show tunes. Indeed, there was a whole month where I spent nearly an hour every day just practicing show tunes. I am so glad that is over, and I vow here and now that I will never let myself get talked into doing that again! (I really need to learn how to say no when people ask me to do things!) After over forty hours of practicing for just two performances, I can finally take a deep breath and say that it’s behind me (and that I never want to hear another show tune again.) I also never want to perform again for the group for which we did the show. A luncheon preceded our performance, and I thought they were never going to get on to the main event. Seriously, these ladies must have been charter members in the “100 Chews per Bite” club. You would not believe how long they took to get through a plate of salad, a few chunks of chicken, and a slab of what looked like pound cake. I’m fairly certain I grew a few more grey hairs in the time that I spent waiting. Had I known exactly how long they would take to eat, I could have planned my arrival at the venue better. Instead of sitting around, I could have run 5 miles, done my weekly grocery shopping, read a book, and still have had time left over to finish the quilt I’m working on. I may be exaggerating slightly…but only slightly. (On a side note, they had Oreo Thins on the table in place of table mints. My daughter made short work of those. The question we have is, Oreo Thins. Why? Oreos should not be thin. They are a junk food. They should be enjoyed in all of their double-stuffed awesomeness. I can’t imagine that this product will be around for long.)

I did manage to finish Susan Mallery’s Marry Me at Christmas in the midst of all the practicing. Despite the hokey cover (Check out that guy’s sweater with its plunging neckline?!?), this was a nice light read. If you’ve seen any of my earlier posts, you might remember that I mentioned that Susan Mallery, unlike Robyn Carr, seamlessly weaves past and new characters into her stories. Poor Robyn Carr. I really must stop picking on her, but I just can’t seem to get over the way random characters pop in at random times and add nothing to the plot of the current story. Susan Mallery’s extra characters, however, interact with the main characters and enhance their story while keeping us up to date on what has been happening in their lives since their stories were told or introduce us to a new character who might have a leading role in the future.

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