Finish #9 – Mary Jones and Her Bible

One of my daughters has joined me in my goal to read 100 books in a year. She’s right on track, having already completed 7 books so far this year. I asked her recently if she’s including books read for school as part of her 100. She’s not, and I can’t understand why, but she’s got her reasons. I, however, am counting books that I read to the kids as part of my 100…otherwise, I’d probably never reach my goal!


Finish #9 is Mary Jones and Her Bible by Mary Ropes. The story focuses on a poor Welsh girl and her quest to have a Bible of her own.

The story is mostly true, though the author admits in the postscript to taking certain liberties.

The story is inspirational. Hopefully the inspirational message wasn’t lost on my son, as he complained that he didn’t like the writing style. It wasn’t bad…it was just unusual…an introduction to him of a new way to tell a story.

I was particularly moved by a portion of the story where Mary answers a neighbor’s questions about how her family manages to get by when they have so little, and yet they still manage to have money to help others. Mary answers the neighbor by telling her that each member of her family has given up something so they might be able to help others.


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