2015 Finishes #76-100

The final installment of 2015 finishes and my thoughts.

  1. Motherless Child – Glen Hirshberg (Okay. But that scene where they travel in the boat was a bit pointless. Sorry, Glen.)
  2. The Screwtape Letters – CS Lewis (Mr. Lewis was so much more than Narnia. Very thought-provoking. Really enjoyed Till We Have Faces a few years ago.)
  3. The Arrow Over the Door – Joseph Bruchac
  4. Hen’s Dancing – Raffaella Barker (Neat.)
  5. For One More Day – Mitch Albom (Another great Mitch Albom book.)
  6. The Great Divorce – CS Lewis (Deep. Probably need to read this more than once to get it all.)
  7. The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie (My first Agatha Christie. Enjoyable.)
  8. Unoffendable – Brant Hansen (Great. Top ten non-fiction. We need more unoffendable people in our nation right now. Perhaps this should be required reading for everyone.)
  9. Above the Waterfall – Ron Rash (Way to leave me hanging a bit at the end there, Ron. Did the guy and the gal end up living happily ever after?)
  10. Summertime – Raffaella Barker (Another good book by her.)
  11. Serving Crazy with Curry – Amulya Malladi (Wonderful. Definitely crazy!)
  12. A Choice to Cherish – Alan Maki (Very good.)
  13. The BFG – Roald Dahl (Became a fan of his when I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory years ago to the kids. Loved Matilda. Always wanted to read this one. Cute book.)
  14. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho (I liked this one a lot.)
  15. Little Mercies – Heather Gudenkauf (Oh my. This one was a rough read…in a good way.)
  16. It is About Islam – Glenn Beck (Not certain I really should include this on my list. Don’t want to offend anybody. But I did read it, so here it is.)
  17. In Silence – Erica Spindler
  18. Story of the World #3 – Susan Wise Bauer (Reading these with the kids. We’ve been through 1, 2, and now 3. Working on #4.)
  19. The Sherwood Ring – Elizabeth Marie Pope (Definitely one of the best books in the Sonlight Curriculum for homeschoolers. We all really liked this book.)
  20. N or M? – Agatha Christie
  21. Sweet Jiminy – Kristin Gore (Really liked this one.)
  22. Walking Prey: How America’s Youth are Vulnerable to Sex Slavery – Holly Austin Smith (This was a rough read. Not a good one to read around the holidays.)
  23. The Slave Across the Street – Theresa Flores (If the last one was rough, this one was brutal. Yet again, not one to read around the holidays.)
  24. James and the Giant Peach – Roald Dahl
  25. Tidings of Joy – Margaret Daley (Okay…just some light fiction to counter those human trafficking books.)

I also read through the book of John with the kids. We jumped around in the Bible quite a lot this fall. I think that was the only book of the Bible we read in its entirety.

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