Finish #8 – Wicked Charms (and a quilt!)

In an earlier post I mentioned a quilt that I worked on while listening to Call the Midwife and promised a photo when it was all finished. It’s now finished…a little late for this past Christmas but early for next. We’ll just pretend I’m way ahead for next Christmas! There is an INSANE amount of quilting in those bluish squares and triangles. I don’t even know how many spools of thread went into the quilting. The star is made of Christmas prints. I love it (now that I’m done quilting it)! I had planned for it to just be a lap quilt, but it might end up hanging on a wall somewhere. Now that I’ve got this one out of my work-in-progress pile, I’ve finally been able to cut up some gorgeous fabric for a Valentine’s quilt. (Let’s hope it gets finished in time for this Valentine’s Day!)DSCN1201

Now, on to finish #8:

Oh, Janet Evanovich, I had such hopes for this book. Usually, I can’t put your books down. What happened? Have I become immune to your particular brand of humor? Or did my ennuiDSCN1184.JPG have nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that you had a helper, Phoef Sutton, to assist you with the writing of this book?

What usually follows when I pick up a Janet Evanovich book is laughter…the out loud kind of laughter. I may have chuckled a couple times while reading this book, but it just didn’t have that can’t-put-it-down-’cause-I-can’t-wait-to-see-what-kind-of-craziness-happens-next feeling. I was actually able to put this one down quite often.

I’m assuming there are more books to follow in this series of books about Lizzy and Diesel, but I’ve not decided if I’ll read them. It won’t harm Evanovich’s sales figures, though, as I’m a cheapskate who gets books for free at the library.

Don’t forget to comment with the titles of any books you think I might enjoy!


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