2015 Finishes #51-75

Here is the next installment of 2015 finishes with my comments.

  1. The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch – Marsha Moyer (Good.)
  2. The Last of the Honky-Tonk Angels – Marsha Moyer (Okay.)
  3. The Shack – William P. Young (Wonderful. Thought-provoking. Top ten worthy.)
  4. Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered – Szalavitz and Perry
  5. Heartbreak Town – Marsha Moyer (Getting weary of these characters, Marsha Moyer.)
  6. Return of the Stardust Cowgirl – Marsha Moyer (Maybe you should have stopped two books ago, Marsha Moyer. Sorry if that’s harsh.)
  7. Rescuing Sprite – Mark Levin (OHHH, a tear-jerker. I enjoy listening to Mark Levin on the radio. I always liken him to an angry little troll…don’t know why, but that’s what I think of when I hear him. When he gets on a roll…)
  8. A Murder for Her Majesty – Beth Hilgartner (Enjoyable novel that I read to the kids.)
  9. Brown-Eyed Girl – Lisa Kleypas
  10. Crosscut – Meg Gardiner
  11. Around the World in 50 Years – Albert Podell (Enjoyable. I’ll probably never visit half of these countries. Who am I kidding? I’ll be lucky to visit one or two. Don’t really need to hear about your numerous girlfriends, though, Al, or the debauchery that ensued in one foreign country.)
  12. Red Flags: How to spot frenemies, underminers, and toxic people in your life – Wendy Patrick, Phd. (Yep, there’s that one person in my life that definitely qualifies as toxic. Can I post a red flag on his head to warn others??)
  13. Heaven is For Real – Todd Burpo (Wonderful.)
  14. An Exercise in Laughter – Tina Krause (Given to me by my mom ’cause we definitely need some laughter in our lives.)
  15. Moonlight Road – Robyn Carr (Oh, dear. If you read my first post you’ll see that I’m having difficulties finishing a Robyn Carr book. Should have learned my lesson from this one.)
  16. Out of Many Waters – Jacqueline Dembar Greene
  17. But Don’t All Religions Lead to God – Michael Green (Read this to my kids. Very good book.)
  18. The Dorito Effect – Mark Schatzker (Get in my belly…or rather don’t. Artificial everything in our food. ICK! No wonder Americans are unhealthy and fat.)
  19. Perfect Touch – Elizabeth Lowell
  20. Escape Across the Wide Sea – Katherine Kirkpatrick
  21. The Collector – Nora Roberts (I’ve always enjoyed Nora Roberts’ books.)
  22. The 5 People You Meet in Heaven – Mitch Albom (My first Mitch Albom book. Great. Thought-provoking.)
  23. China Lake – Meg Gardiner
  24. The Timekeeper – Mitch Albom (Getting on a Mitch Albom kick. Really liked this one. Made me think. Top ten worthy? Maybe.)
  25. How to Stay Christian in High School – Steve Gerali (I’m not in high school. Read this to my kids. A little hokey, but we all learned something.)

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