Finish #6 – Call the Midwife

There was great discussion last year when I stated my goal of reading 100 books as to whether audiobooks would be counted. Some in the family said they should not, others said they should. I was in the “should” camp, and as it was my goal, I figured I got to set the “rules.”

I don’t listen to a lot of audiobooks. Usually the only time I listen to them is when I am working on a quilt. Or painting, as was the case with finish #6 – Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. I started listening to this book in late December while quilting the Christmas quilt that had more quilting than I desired to do. (Giant sections of blue/purple fabric surrounding a scrappy Christmas fabric star…What was I thinking when I decided to do straight line quilting about 1/2 inch apart all over those giant sections?? I’ll try to remember to post a picture once the binding is all sewn on. Note that the Christmas quilt is not yet finished and here it is almost a month after Christmas!)

Anyway, this audiobook followed me up to the bathroom that I needed to paint over the holiday break. Then it followed me back to the sewing room to entertain me as I entered a quilting stupor whilst finishing the boring straight lines.

We’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed several seasons of Call the Midwife, so I enjoyed hearing the book that inspired the series. The characters were familiar, though, as is often the case when books are made into television shows or movies, there were numerous differences.

Personally, I’ve had three babies and have never had any experience with midwives. My sister-in-law, quite the opposite of me, has had two home births with a midwife. All my children were born at the hospital with nurses, doctors, ready access to an operating room should any intervention be necessary, and rapidly available help for infants and mothers in distress. And I am so thankful for that. I experienced significant blood loss after my first was born, and number three required a day in the nursery with all sorts of tubes and wires as he experienced some health issues shortly after birth. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t had adequate medical care immediately available. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we were living in the East End slums of London during Jennifer Worth’s tenure there.



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