Finish #5 – Rules for a Knight

P1051646.JPGMy eldest daughter saw this book when I brought it home from the library and said, “How cute.” What makes it cute? Its size. And it was its size, small and compact, that made it stand out on the newbie shelf at the library. (Strangely, when I visited a Barnes and Nobles this past weekend, this book stood out on a display as I was wandering past. Genius move by whoever makes the decision on how a book is going to look if this book could stand out among the thousands and thousands of books in a Barnes and Nobles.)

My fifth finish for the year is Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke. Despite its tiny size, this book packed a lot of wisdom into its pages.

I keep a journal handy to copy down interesting quotes, passages, or anything meaningful that I hear, and one passage in this book made it into my journal. Here it is:

“All of us are asked to surrender the superficial beauty of youth and step towards something greater. We are being made ready for the spirit world. Each wrinkle is a crack in the shell of our conceit. Our conceit must be pulverized for the soul to fly.”

As a woman, I’ve often struggled with the graying of my hair, the wrinkling of my face, the aging of my body. I’ve rebelled against the societal pressure to hide my age by not dying my hair or botoxing my face. I don’t slather on anti-wrinkle “remedies.” I exercise, but I’m not obsessive about doing so. So many people think that by dying their hair, camouflaging their wrinkles, or doing any number of strange anti-aging rituals, they are “growing old gracefully.” I think it looks more like they are being dragged to old age kicking and screaming. But that’s just my opinion.

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