Finish #3 – One Wish

I’ve been practicing show tunes for an accompanying gig for the past week or so. Let me tell you something about show tunes: Once you get one stuck in your head, it’s going to play on a continuous loop in your brain for days at a time. (And, depending on how lively the tune that takes up residence in your head happens to be, falling asleep at night might be nearly impossible.) Grrrr. Curses on the fellow who decided to do a show tunes performance.  DSCN1183

Amidst practice of show tunes and practice for my regular job, I did manage to finish One Wish by Robin Carr. If you read my first post, you know that I thought this would be a nice pick-me-up after some books about human trafficking that I read in December. You’ll also know that I struggled with getting through One Wish. So sorry, Robyn Carr, but I’ve given you two chances, and I’m finished. Here’s why:

*I’m apparently not a fan of books that weave in characters that we’ll be seeing in future books. Susan Mallery does this fairly well with her books set in Fool’s Gold, but I wasn’t crazy about the way these extraneous characters were woven into One Wish. I’d be reading along about the two main characters when, BAM, some random character dropped in out of nowhere to add absolutely nothing to the two main characters’ story. (Dear authors, giving me a teaser about some random character in the hopes that I will read your next book to find out what happens to that person will NOT work on me…so STOP doing it! It’s annoying!)

*The title of this book remains a mystery to me. One wish? What was the wish? I Still don’t know.

*The female main character kept repeating her life story over and over and over. First she thinks about it, then she shares it with her fellow, then she shares it with a friend. SNORE. I was beginning to think that I knew the life history of this fictional character better than my own.

In an effort to not be totally negative about this book, I will say there was one moment when I chuckled. The Taser scene wasn’t bad.


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